Skin cancer with Dr. J Kennedy and Dr. Andrew Ordon

Dr. John Kennedy is joined by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Ordon discussing skin cancer

Multiple Sclerosis with Dr. J Kennedy and Montel Williams

Dr. Oz, Dr. J Kennedy, and the Great American Stress Test

Great American Stress Test

Just how stressed out are you? Dr. Oz has a quiz to determine your stress level and easy solutions to help you relax.

John M Kennedy Stress and The BREATHE Technique

Renowned Cardiologist and author of “The 15 Minute Heart Cure” Dr. John M Kennedy demonstrates the harmful effects chronic everyday stress has on our hearts and bodies. The solution: The BREATHE Technique, developed by Dr. Kennedy to stop stress in its tracks and heal our hearts.

Dr. John M Kennedy on PBS Renowned Cardiologist, Dr. John M Kennedy was featured on the long-running PBS medical series The American Health Journal. Dr. Kennedy discusses his best selling book The 15 Minute Heart Cure and his life saving, stress-reducing creation The BREATHE Techniques

Stress in Workplace Overview

Encardia has a mission to reduce workplace stress and improve the quality of life for all employees, employers and their families. Encardia will accomplish this mission by combining innovative productivity and stress reduction methodologies with an advanced technological platform.

CNN Dr. John Kennedy Interview

Dr. Kennedy interviewed on CNN about the state of Stress in the US and a solution.

The Doctors TV Show: Dr. John Kennedy